Out-of-State Car Buying: How It Works

Heard the horror stories about buying a car online? At Brooks Biddle, we're proud to say we don't have issues with registration & communication like the big guys do. Best of all, we have a designated title clerk who will work with you personally to make sure everything is handled completely with your vehicle.

  • Give Us a Ring

    Call us at (425) 486-1212 and let us know that you are out-of-state and looking to purchase a vehicle. We can answer any and all questions you may have about the vehicle over the phone.
  • Virtual Reality Test Drive (kind of)

    We’ll set up a video call with you and take you on a walk-around inspection of the vehicle from the outside, to the interior, to a cold start and a test drive. We want you to know the vehicle inside and out before it arrives in your driveway.
  • Easy Financing

    Give us your preferred bank or choose one in our network of lenders and we’ll arrange & finalize all your purchase details.
  • Check Your Mailbox

    We will send a Overnight envelope to your home containing your purchase paperwork and a pre-paid return label. If notary services are needed, we’ll set up the meeting for you. Check out our video down below explaining how to fill out your sale documents.
  • License to Drive

    If you financed your vehicle, we will work with your local DMV to have your paperwork processed. If you paid cash, we’ll mail all your titling documents directly to you.

Out-of-State Purchase Packet

Here is a video we made that will give you complete and detailed instructions about how exactly to fill out your out-of-state purchase packet. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: This video is purely educational and is no way meant to be considered any sort of legal or financial advice. Watching this video does not ensure the viewer is entering into a professional legal or financial advising relationship with anyone at Brooks Biddle Automotive. Viewing and/or following the instructions, and/or completing the forms in the manner instructed in this video is in no way a guarantee that a sale, vehicle financing, or trade-in agreement, whether currently in process or otherwise, will be processed, accepted, approved, and/or finalized at Brooks Biddle Automotive or with any lender Brooks Biddle Automotive may work with.

For those interested, the songs used are instrumental versions of I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash, Crying by Roy Orbison, and Walk of Life by Dire Straits.