One Price Promise

Every used car comes with a different story to tell, but we make sure each one of ours gets a happy ending.

Our dedication to quality starts at the auction- we won't buy a vehicle unless it meets the condition standards we're looking for.

We inspect and recondition each vehicle in our own full-service repair shop, and finish by determining a market-driven, bottom-line price with a warranty included.

All of this means more value for our customers and no wasted time haggling over inflated prices.

You might find cheaper vehicles elsewhere, but with cars, we've found that sacrificing quality for price means spending a lot more on repairs down the line.

We're not here to sell you a piece of junk and make a quick buck for ourselves. We believe integrity and transparency are what keep a business around longer than the competition, and the One Price Promise is a core part of our dedication to honesty we've held since 1966.

Our One Price Promise to You

Kirkland, WA, area car shoppers can count on Brooks Biddle Automotive when shopping for high-quality used vehicles for sale. Our commitment to quality is displayed through our unwaveringly high standards for the automobiles we offer for sale.

And with our One Price Promise, you can be confident that you're getting a great deal on a great pre-owned vehicle. When you're ready for a stress-free used car buying experience, turn to our Bothell, WA, auto dealership. We're here for Seattle area motorists with quality and value, courtesy of our One Price Promise!