Canadian Customers

Being a dealer in the Pacific Northwest, Brooks Biddle Automotive is positioned to offer an opportunity to save money to our friends just across the border.

  • First, we'll need three forms of proof that you live outside Washington State. Acceptable forms include a Driver's License, Voter's registration card, hunting and/or fishing license, or a utility bill. This will exempt you from Washington State Sales Tax.
  • We'll agree on a deal and cut you a purchase order. You'll sign this and return it to us, and reserve a copy for customs. There are a couple other forms that we'll have you sign, including an odometer disclosure and a few others. We'll do this by FedEx or other courier, to make the process faster.
  • Next, we need to collect money via wire transfer. This is simple and straightforward. The vehicle must be paid for in full before it leaves our location - we must be able to verify receipt of your wire. Finally, we will fax you a copy of the title, and a letter from a representative of the make that you've chosen (Chevrolet, Honda, etc) saying that the vehicle is clear of all recalls. That, plus the purchase order, must "cure" at the border for 3 days prior to export. We have contact information for the border if you should need it.
  • Thanks again. Make sure that your province doesn't require any equipment that our vehicle may not have - daytime running lights are required in most if not all provinces, and engine block heaters are required in some.

Please inquire further by using our contact us form, or send us an email about any one of our vehicles.


*This information is provided as a general guide of reference based on previous experiences and not legal representation or documentation. Please refer to the appropriate parties for all additional information or requirements.